1. Crypt Greeter
    Crypt Greeter
    As low as $4,999.95
  2. Body Lifted and Contorted
    Body Lifted and Contorted
    As low as $4,299.95
  3. Angel of Death
    Angel of Death
    As low as $4,499.95
  4. Driller Killer with Victim
    Driller Killer with Victim
    As low as $4,699.95
  5. Butcher Chopping Body
    Butcher Chopping Body
    As low as $4,999.95
  6. Eye Stabber
    Eye Stabber
    As low as $2,699.95
  7. Hanging from Achilles
    Hanging from Achilles
    As low as $2,599.95
  8. Floor Achilles Victim
    Floor Achilles Victim
    As low as $3,299.95
  9. Guts Puller and Victim
    Guts Puller and Victim
    As low as $4,599.95
  10. Horror Hanger: Male Amputee
    Horror Hanger: Male Amputee
    As low as $2,599.95
  11. Horror Hanger: The Experiment
    Horror Hanger: The Experiment
    As low as $2,699.95
  12. Horror Hanger: Stumps
    Horror Hanger: Stumps
    As low as $2,999.95
  13. Intestine Noose
    Intestine Noose
    As low as $2,799.95
  14. Human Dog
    Human Dog
    As low as $3,799.95
  15. Clown Triple Stack
    Clown Triple Stack
    As low as $4,899.95
  16. CAN-nibal Corpse
    CAN-nibal Corpse
    As low as $5,299.95
  17. Pulled into Wall
    Pulled into Wall
    As low as $3,499.95
  18. Drop Portrait Ghost
    Drop Portrait Ghost
    As low as $2,999.95
  19. ZOMBIE (STATIC) - ZS724
    The Monster (Static)
  20. gc1027-ghost-crate-800
    Terror Bear Toy Block
    As low as $3,393.00
  21. Crawling Mutant
    Crawling Mutant
    As low as $3,299.95
  22. TNT Miner Crate
    TNT Miner Crate
    As low as $7,399.95